Johann Myburgh Memorial School

The Johann Myburgh Memorial School opened its doors to the first learners in May, 2014. The first intake was the preschool children, of ages 4 to 6. Within a few months the numbers increased to over 60 children. In January 2015 the first grade class enrolled its first students, taken from the preschool class. Currently we have over 30 first graders and the same number of preschool children. In January 2016 we anticipate the second grade class to start operating, and another grade with every consecutive year.

This school has proven to be a great blessing, helping to give children a Christian education in their own area - no more dodging elephants and walking through kilometers of mud to get to the next school.

Thank you Southern Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists for taking care of the administration of this fine school.

Mention has to be made about the help offered by the various volunteers and donors who came together to help make this school a reality. Many thanks to you all.